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111% campaign goal reached!

111% campaign goal reached!
| Christian Bennefeld


Dear backers and supporters,

We are soooo happy, grateful and excited about your contributions. Together you made our campaign a full success. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You rock!

As announced, we will roll out the Sneak Preview 2 (eBlockerOS 0.7.5) to all backers of software downloads on Wednesday 23rd of September. The official Early Access release including automatic updates is due mid-October.

The eBlocker pre-series devices for our hardware backers will be all handmade by our team in the next weeks. Please bear with us till the end of November when first devices will be shipped.

We are dedicated to develop the best privacy solution for your home – and using your funds, now we can!

Thanks again for all your help & best regards,
Christian, Boris and the eBlocker team

PS: And yes, you get the upgrades: All hardware backers get a Banana Pi M2 board as the basis of their eBlockers and will also upgrade the Automatic Update service with three month extra for our software backers.

PPS: Now we are “in demand” at Indiegogo, selling out the perks that are still left. So you can still get eBlockers for friends and family if you missed out the campaign: www.eblocker.com/indiegogo

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