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eBlocker protects you and your privacy.
Your privacy belongs to you, not the Internet.

eBlocker is a smart device that anonymizes your online behavior. It blocks all ads, stops all trackers, hides your IP – and lets you surf truly anonymously – on ALL your devices. Best of all: eBlocker is plug & play and requires no software installation or configuration.

For secure privacy.

eBlocker prevents third parties from collecting data about you without your consent. So a user profile of you can no longer be created.

For Internet without adverts.

Online ads track you, even without clicking on them. eBlocker blocks all tracking ads and makes them disappear – if desired.

For truly private surfing.

eBlocker optionally hides your IP-address – your fingerprint on the Web – so you can remain anonymous on the web.

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eBlocker stops online Trackers & Ads

for protecting your Privacy

Ad networks and data collectors track your browsing habits on all your devices and across all websites you visit. The resulting personality profiles contain private and even intimate details about you and your family.

eBlocker removes the threat, not just the ads.

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eBlocker stops Dynamic Pricing

based on Device Fingerprints

Today, online shops can adjust prices to your predicted buying power - based on the device you use. You may end up paying more for the very same product than your neighbor by using the ''wrong'' device.

eBlocker prevents this and other online threats.

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eBlocker prevents Credit Scoring

based on User Profiles

Credit applications can be rated based on your online behavior. For instance, gambling online can ruin your scoring and decrease your chances for a loan.

eBlocker prevents this and other online threats.

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eBlocker stops Behavioral Targeting

based on Surfing Habits

Advertisers analyze your online behavior to target personalized ads. Even if you enable ''Private Mode'', others using the same device still see what you have been up to.

eBlocker prevents this and other online threats.

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eBlocker vs. Ad-Blocker

Privacy Protection vs. Blocking Ads

Regular ad-blockers turn ads only invisible. They don't stop data collection and user profiling. Your privacy is still at risk.

eBlocker prevents this and other online threats.

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eBlocker protects your Intimacy

by preventing Personal Profiling

Your surfing habits are tracked to target individual ads. This can result in embarrassing ad-exposure to those using your device. They see every single recommendation intended for you.

eBlocker prevents this and other online threats.

Comprehensive protection for the whole family.

Even for content not suitable for minors.

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eBlocker runs without any software installation.

It works right out of the box. Simply connect it to your home network, turn it on, and you and your privacy are protected instantly.

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eBlocker is for all devices.

It protects your entire network including each device within it. This benefits tablets, smartTVs and game consoles in particular, for which privacy protection options have been insufficient so far.

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eBlocker can be customized to individual requirements.

Each family member can select his personal privacy settings or use presets. This is especially important for children and adolescents, because eBlocker can also block adult content.

Why did we create eBlocker?


Christian Bennefeld

Co-Founder & CEO, eBlocker

„For over 15 years now, I’ve been dealing with user profiles and data protection and know the tricks of the tracking trade. That’s why the uncontrollable tapping into my privacy by Internet giants is so frightening.I think it is now time to give back users the control over their privacy. This is why I founded eBlocker together with Boris.”


Boris Prinz

Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect, eBlocker

„Today most Internet users are not even aware that they are paying a very high price for the use of free services: They are paying by turning over a detailed view into their private sphere. To stop this unreasonable invasion of privacy, I founded eBlocker together with Christian.“

Customer Reviews

“I am enthusiastic. Surprisingly, the eBlocker works after only 5 minutes and instantly protects my communication at home.” (review in German)

“Unbelievable what such a little box can do. The privacy features are very convincing”

Mark P.

“eBlocker’s easy setup and protection of all network devices, like smartphones, is unparallaled to other solutions like Adblock or Ghostery that only work in some browsers.”

Willy Tech (review in German)

“This offering feels like a niche product that has potential to play well to techies looking for a more comprehensive response to data collection, as well as others who take privacy to a different level.” – Geektime”