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Be successful as an eBlocker Affiliate

You operate your own website with topics that suit us or send newsletters to your customer base? Then use this base and earn money with affiliate-links or banners. Capture customers for eBlocker and profit from our attractive premium system.

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What is the affiliate program of eBlocker?

Through participating in our affiliate program you have the opportunity to earn money by successfully advertising our eBlocker. Be it a banner on your website or a text link in an e-mail, you are free to advertise however you like. Advertise our eBlocker and save your commission now. Show your users how to protect their privacy on the internet and link to Of course the participation in our partner program is cost free of charge and non-binding. Read our terms and conditions here.

How does eBlocker differ from competitors?

The eBlocker is the world’s first plug & play privacy solution for all your devices. Simply connect it to your home network and start surfing anonymous and without any data tracking ads, on all devices instantly – even when you’re out of home.

What does affiliate mean?

Affiliate marketing is based on the basic idea of a partnership with performance-related compensation. Every partner has the chance to extend and shape his own web-offer with participating in an affiliate program (= partner program). For example by successfully presenting eBlocker on your website.

Who can participate and how does it work?

You can participate in our eBlocker affiliate program if you are an entrepreneur with a valid VAT number, who is living in Europe or as a local resident outside of Europe. You need to have your own website or a customer base where you can send emails to. You can also participate even if you’re not a customer of eBlocker. The participation is very easy:

You apply for the affiliate program, place your own or one of the offered eBlocker advertisements (e.g. banner or text link) on your website and thus establish a connection to our eBlocker website. After one click on the advert, the visitor will be directed from your website to our eBlocker website. Through the personal identification of the advert, we register exactly from where the customer has been send from, if the visitor orders an eBlocker product (hardware and/or software). We also offer a consideration time of 30 days which means: even if the customer doesn’t decide immediately to buy a product – but decides to order later, you still have the right to your premium – provided that the customer has visited your website first and then was redirected to our website.

How much can I earn?

We pay 10% of the net-shopping cart revenue as commission.

How does eBlocker know that the new customer has been send from my website?

It’s very simple: a personal identification is integrated in every advert that you place, for example, in a banner. Every customer that clicks on the banner, automatically saves the ID of this advert on his computer. Now when he visits our website, we register this ID and know from which websites he has been redirected from. This ID will be saved for 30 days by setting a cookie on the customer’s computer. Please note that purchases can only be registered properly, if the cookie-setting is activated on the purchaser’s computer.

What is a 30-day-cookie-period?

Cookies are small text files that are transferred to the visitor’s computer after e.g. clicking on a banner from a web browser. User-specific information – here personal identification – is saved in cookies (provided that the visitor has activated his cookies). If the customer orders a product in the following 30 days, the purchase will be shown in our affiliate system and is paid off after our confirmation.

How and when will I get paid?

All confirmed commissions are credited and monthly transferred to you starting from $20. Payments are made on the first working day of the month. Separate payments in a calendar month are summed up and are ready to pay on the first of the following month, after expiration of a 4-weeks return period.

For example, a „transferred“ customer buys on the 15th January. The payment date for the commission of this purchase will be the 1st March (15th January plus 4 weeks of returning option = 15th February. Payments are made on the first working day of the month).

You have access to your personal user data, sales statistics and credit analysis with your personal password, at any time.

Which advertising materials are available?

You are free to use your own advertising material. Furthermore we offer a variety of adverts and links that are constantly updated:

  • Banner – in various sizes
  • HTML-banner
  • Text links for email recommendations and newsletter

  • Our tip: If you have your own customer base, we would recommend using newsletters with integrated text links.

    Affiliate Terms of Use

    Participate and profit from eBlocker’s affiliate program

    Our program allows EU registered companies or non EU residents to earn commission for referring customers to (“our site”). Referral earnings will be credited when a new customer referred by an affiliate purchases eBlocker products (hardware and/or software).

    Affiliate commission:

    • 10% of net cart revenue.

    Key terms:

    • In the EU only companies with a valid EU VATID can participate.
    • Any resident outside the EU can participate.
    • Affiliate system language is English only.
    • Affiliate payout currency is EUR only.
    • Affiliate needs a Paypal account for payouts. Other payout options are not supported.
    • Affiliate needs to cover Paypal fees (if applicable).
    • Affiliate commission is applied to net cart revenue (all goods without VAT).
    • Payouts are conducted on the first workday of each month. All payouts are consolidated and are due after four weeks return period after the end of a month in which the sales occurred.

    E.g. referred customer buys on the 15th of January. The payout for this referral will be made March 1st (15 Jan plus 4 weeks return period = 15 Feb. Payout takes place on every 1st or the following workday).

    • The minimum payout is EUR 20. No payout will be made unless the credited balance exceeds this amount.
    • If referred customer sale is refunded the corresponding affiliate’s commission will be rejected accordingly.
    • Full reports of all sales generated through your affiliate links will be available on your affiliate dashboard.
    • We reserve the right to refuse an affiliate’s application.
    • If affiliate tampers with the system (by cookie spamming or other fraud) no commission is paid and affiliate will be deleted and banned without prior notice.
    • All sales from referred customers within a timeframe of 30 days after referral will be credited to the affiliate.
    • If more than one affiliate referred a visitor, the affiliate that referred the visitor last before the sale will be credited.
    • The affiliate commission rates displayed on our site may change with 30 days prior announcement.

    How to become an affiliate:

    • Fill in our registration form.
    • Receive our acceptance by e-mail.
    • As an accepted affiliate you’ll get access to your affiliate dashboard area.
    • Our dashboard provides you with materials for linking to our site.
    • You are allowed to create advertising material on you own.
    • You may not use the following methods to sell or promote our products: email SPAM, comment or other SPAM, Black Hat techniques, incentives.