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Stops Provider Spying.

How eBlocker Base protects you.

  • IP-Anonymization (Tor/VPN)

    Individually per device

    eBlocker protects you from unwanted exposure of your IP address at websites and data collectors, so that your online searches remain private.

  • Stops Censorship

    based on your location

    Choose the country of your anonymous IP address freely, and effortlessly circumvent censorship or country-specific content locks.

  • Stops Provider Spying

    your browsing habits

    eBlocker prevents internet providers from spying on your surfing behavior and thus protects your privacy.

Freedom of Choice

Preconfigured Tor-Client.

Free IP-Anonymization via Tor.
Activate Tor individually for any device in your network.
No access to the Darknet!

Three months free VPN service included.

Supports all VPN providers with OpenVPN.*
Activate VPN’s of your choice individually
for any device in your home network.

* An additional VPN service may incur additional costs.