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Hide Banner Ads and Prevent Web Trackers

The eBlocker Pro blocks invasive ads, removes tracking code and blocks personality profile creation. It also offers protection of your online privacy, where your IP address is effectively anonymous. It, therefore, helps provide anonymous surfing while you’re online.

Prevent targeting from advertisers tracking your online behavior and sending intrusive personalized ads and messages.

Ad networks and data collectors track your browsing habits on all your devices and across all websites you visit. The resulting personality profiles contain private and even intimate details about you and your family.

eBlocker Pro Features

  • Stop Ads Retargeting you
  • We block the code and the ad trackers
  • Beat Dynamic Pricing
  • Bypass Geoblocking limiting your access
  • No blocking based on your geographic location.
  • Block Malware Code behind an ad or tracking software.
  • Completely anonymize your IP address
  • Enable Tor and VPN browsing on all your devices

eBlocker Product Reviews

“If you are looking for a good privacy and security accessory, the eBlocker Pro from eBlocker should be high on your list.”

iPhone life

“The eBlocker device in the home can be personalized for each user on the network. If you want to maximize your privacy settings but your spouse is OK with the stalking ads, you can each tune eBlocker to your preferences.”

„It’s a piece of hardware that plugs into your router and that’s it, it’s installed! eBlocker then instantly blocks all takers, tracking add, anonymizes your IP. It can also be configured to allow specific sites to pass data through if you’d like.”


Product Features

So Simple and Secure

The eBlocker Pro is the complete plug and play solution for privacy savvy Individuals. Just connect it and instantly enjoy anonymous, ad-free web browsing on all your devices – even while you are mobile.

  • Protects all OS platforms, devices & browsers
  • No software installation
  • IP-Anonymization
  • VPN & Tor for every device
  • Multi-User Support
  • Settings individually per Device
  • Blocks all trackers and tracking ads
  • Browser Protection Malware & Phishing
  • Device Cloaking
  • Mobile Protection