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What does the Internet know about me?

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Word has spread: Surfing the Internet leaves traces. How many clues are there, how expressive they are and how deep they penetrate our privacy – is surprising and rather disturbing. This article explains what you disclose during an everyday trip into the data network. What does the Internet know about me? What happens when I Read More

Spyware Warning: Web Trackers Are Spying on our Children on the Internet

| Editorial Staff | Child Protection eBlogger

Children and Internet?  Almost all parents are concerned about the dangers such as violence, bullying, and pornography on the web.  Safe alternatives suggest offers explicitly aimed at the young target audience, such as child-friendly sites for entertainment and educational sites.  Nobody expects anything terrible on these colorful, seemingly harmless pages.  But appearances are deceptive, as Read More

“Dr. Google” Knows All Your Woes: No Privacy Of Patient Data On The Internet

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

The cliché of seniors disliking the internet is outdated.  According to a study by the German digital association Bitkom, 40 percent of all people over the age of 65 actively use the Internet.  When surfing the Internet, news, e-mail and online shopping among the older users is particularly popular.  There is little consideration among seniors Read More

Child Protection on the Internet: How Parents Can Protect Their Children From the Dark Side of the Force

| Editorial Staff | Child Protection eBlogger

Children and adolescents are particularly at risk on the Internet because it is difficult to control what content they retrieve there. Although there are child protection rules in the US like COPPA – but those really wants to protect his children safely must act beyond government regulation. What options we have as parents to enable Read More

Privacy by Design – We are For..Net-Award Winners!

| Farena | eBlogger General News

During the conception of our eBlocker solution, we were aware of the responsibility for the data that the eBlocker processes: Privacy by Design is more than just a tagline for us. Our consistent implementation of the requirements of Privacy by Design has now been awarded the For..Net Award. We are very honored for the For..Net Read More

Facebook data abuse is just the tip of the iceberg

| Kevin Ells | eBlogger News

Facebook data abuse is just the tip of the iceberg: Why the whole Internet is a data protection scandal. The three most important reasons why personality profiles on the Internet are never safe Secret profiling is common practice, even without disclosing personal data The current Facebook data protection scandal once again shows that we all Read More

Adware: Advertising and Viruses Through The Back Door

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

If the browser suddenly leads to piquant Internet pages, the favored search engine falters or unknown programs appear on the computer, so-called adware is usually involved. But these are only the harmless symptoms, there are much greater dangers. Many free programs either come with built-in advertising or more or less secretly try to install more Read More

Phishing: When Criminals go Fishing by e-mail

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

More and more fraudsters try to lure unsuspecting Internet users to manipulated Internet sites with deceptively genuine phishing e-mails. Anyone who enters access data or passwords here has fallen into the trap.  More and more perfect – more threatening. Even experts often have to look closely at phishing spam to see if it is not Read More

Malvertising: Harmful advertising

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Advertising on the Internet is not only annoying, slows down the page layout and increases the data volume: Sometimes banners and pop-ups even cause real dangers – exactly when so-called malvertising attacks are used. In the childhood days of the Internet, publishers put content for which they had previously demanded good money at the kiosk Read More

Cybergangsters Now Tap The Computing Power Of Computers

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Cybergangsters are usually keen on credit card data or passwords, now they have their sights set on a new target: stealing computing power, so-called cryptojacking. Hundreds of millions of Internet users have already been affected. Find out what’s behind it and how you can protect yourself. Within a year, the price of the digital currency Read More

Tips to Prevent Internet threats

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

In the digital age, clever thieves no longer steal handbags or crack cars: they are targeting the data and money of Internet users. The number of people affected has increased, as has the amount of damage. Attackers today know many tricks to get data or money. From hijacked PCs redirecting Internet traffic to hackers, to Read More

Everything about viruses, malware and other pests

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News

They are available in countless variations: few are just annoying, most of them are extremely dangerous. It is easy to catch them, but it’s difficult to get rid of them: this applies to all viruses – whether they infect the human body or a computer. Where do viruses come from, what tricks they use and Read More

eBlocker Privacy Check

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Run our Privacy Check page to learn what data your browser is sharing. You’ve probably read that when you are surfing the Internet, you are leaving traces. But do you realize how much information you are giving away when you visit a site? When you browse a webpage, online trackers on that website may be Read More

DIY eBlocker using a Raspberry Pi

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News

Do you like creating your own electrical projects? Have you purchased a Raspberry Pi and needed a project to try? Are you tired of your privacy being stolen from you on the Internet? Do you hate ads and ad trackers? Well, we have a project for you. You can download and try our eBlockerOS on Read More

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