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Dynamic Pricing

| Mark | eBlogger News

A recent market check by the German TV-Station SWR revealed how dynamic pricing can alter the bottom line when purchasing goods in a number of web shops. All kinds of variables are analyzed including personal information, frequency of searches for a product and even the type of device used while browsing the web. Check out Read More

The Navigation Bar

| Mark | eBlogger News

The nifty navigation bar is part of each eBlocker and shows up in the top right corner of your browser, after you connect eBlocker to your network. Click on it to reveal the tab, click on it again and the tab disappears. This way you are always in control of your privacy. • Whitelist Simply Read More

How eBlocker works

| Mark | eBlogger News

Thousands of businesses are using online-tracking, usage analysis and advertising across devices, apps and websites. These third party service providers consolidate each piece of data into individual user profiles. Today’s online shops can then identify visitors with higher purchasing power and offer them their products at a much higher price. The same goes, for example, Read More

Credit Scoring

| Mark | eBlogger News

How credit score is developed Banks and moneylenders use credit scores to evaluate the eligibility of a person or business to obtain a loan. If eligible, the credit scoring would give the bank an understanding of the statistical risk to get their money paid back in full with interest. A low credit score means higher Read More

Our Case Evolution

| Mark | eBlogger News

Step #8 – Unboxing and fine tuning our prototype You all loved the 3d-rendered design of our new eBlocker enclosure. Now we have to verify the measurements and see how it comes together! Does the circuit board fit inside? Are all the openings for network and electric supply accurately set? Is good ventilation ensured? Is Read More

111% campaign goal reached!

| Christian Bennefeld | eBlogger News

Dear backers and supporters, We are soooo happy, grateful and excited about your contributions. Together you made our campaign a full success. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You rock! As announced, we will roll out the Sneak Preview 2 (eBlockerOS 0.7.5) to all backers of software downloads on Wednesday 23rd of September. The official Read More

What brought me to eBlocker

| Boris Prinz | eBlogger News

Hi, I am Boris Prinz, co-founder of eBlocker. At my first programming job I worked on a code base started by my friend and eBlocker co-founder Christian Bennefeld and his colleagues. It was written in Perl and ran on Sun workstations which made an incredible noise in the server room. This was 1999 at TC Read More

50% Indiegogo goal reached!

| Christian Bennefeld | eBlogger News

+++ Milestone +++ We are very excited. Today, we’ve reached 50% of our Indiegogo campaign goal. Thank you so much for all your support to get our project off the ground! Get involved, spread the word and share the idea of anonymous and ad-free surfing on all your devices. With your help we’ll make online Read More

Hello world!

| Christian Bennefeld | eBlogger News

Hello world! My name is Christian Bennefeld and I am the co-founder of eBlocker. This is my first blog post and I’d like to share what inspired me to start eBlocker. This is a true story! After working in the IT-security industry for several years, I founded the web-analytics startup eTracker here in Germany. From Read More

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