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Big Trouble in Little Data

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

‘Big data.’ ‘Metadata.’ ‘Raw data.’ B.J. Mendelson has a passion for privacy, so he created a book “Privacy” from his collection of essays on privacy protection.  This is an excerpt from the chapter entitled “Big Trouble in Little Data.”  We felt it was worth sharing. (@bjmendelson) Data processed by autonomous machines employing ‘machine learning.’ By Read More

eBlogger – Online Guide to Your Protection on the Internet

| Farena | eBlogger News

New year, new look, new content: our eBlocker blog is now called eBlogger – The guide to your protection on the Internet! A fresh look, clear layout – the eBlogger welcomes you with a new structure: quickly and easily find the articles and posts that interest you. Within the topics privacy protection, child protection and Read More

Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day 2018

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News

Your personal data can be used in a mixture of ways – sometimes in ways you wouldn’t expect or even approve. At eBlocker, it’s our goal to help you protect your personal private information. That’s why it’s important to understand its value and ways you can manage it, whenever possible. January. 28th marks Data Privacy Read More

Spyware Warning: Web Trackers Are Spying on our Children on the Internet

| Editorial Staff | Child Protection eBlogger

Children and Internet?  Almost all parents are concerned about the dangers such as violence, bullying, and pornography on the web.  Safe alternatives suggest offers explicitly aimed at the young target audience, such as child-friendly sites for entertainment and educational sites.  Nobody expects anything terrible on these colorful, seemingly harmless pages.  But appearances are deceptive, as Read More

I Don’t Need To Change My IP Address, I Have Nothing To Hide: 6 Biggest Misconceptions About Internet Anonymity

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Every trip to the Internet leaves traces, with which users can be clearly identified.  Because when the router dials in it’s assigned a unique worldwide number combination, the IP address.  Even weeks later you can find out when and with which IP address a website was visited. Why should you, therefore, change the IP address?  Read More

Just A Pipe Dream: Data Protection At Online Shops

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Are you happy?  In the Christmas shopping season, this is more for the case for shop operators than patrons.  Because what is offered to one customer as a bargain, the other gets to a much higher price – from the same shop!  The principle behind this form of profit optimization is called dynamic pricing, the Read More

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