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eBlocker Labs: Smart TVs

| Farena | Dangers General

Smart devices are trending and being consumed in almost every household. Why should you bother caring about your privacy while watching TV anyways? But not many people are aware of the fact that profile data’s are not only created through the internet, but through smart devices as well. That’s why we carried out a study Read More

Biggest tracker gets tracked itself…

| Farena | Dangers

Googles annual transparency report revealed that it received a secret subpoena from the FBI during the first half of 2015. What’s troubling is not the subpoena itself, but the fact that Google Is not allowed to reveal anything about what happened. The secret subpoena is a “national security letter” und therefore doesn’t need any court Read More

eBlocker Camera Sticker

| Lauritz | Dangers

Why does Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg put tape over his computer’s microphone and camera? To protect his privacy?! For sure, he is not the only one knowing that there is a thriving market for illicitly obtained stills and video. Even the FBI is covering their cameras. Mmh, ok, the eBlocker can not protect you from malicious Read More

No more Malvertising thanks to eBlocker

| Farena | Dangers

People have been complaining about annoying online advertising for a long time. They especially appear on Google and Facebook and leave us feeling observed. But as it seems, we need to avoid online advertising because of a more dangerous reason. Through so-called “Malvertising” computers are tried to be infected with malicious software. The software is Read More

The chase on the internet

| Farena | Dangers

Mrs. Merkel summed pretty much everything up with her quote “Once you buy something on the internet, you’re being chased!” (Quote from the 5th of Nov. 2014) Do you know this feeling? You are looking for a pair of shoes, rummaging around an online shop, for example Zalando – and there you have the whole Read More

Dynamic Pricing

| Mark | Dangers

A recent market check by the German TV-Station SWR revealed how dynamic pricing can alter the bottom line when purchasing goods in a number of web shops. All kinds of variables are analyzed including personal information, frequency of searches for a product and even the type of device used while browsing the web. Check out Read More

Credit Scoring

| Mark | Dangers

How credit score is developed Banks and moneylenders use credit scores to evaluate the eligibility of a person or business to obtain a loan. If eligible, the credit scoring would give the bank an understanding of the statistical risk to get their money paid back in full with interest. A low credit score means higher Read More