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Financial sites violate data protection laws

| Farena | Dangers General

Every time we visit the Internet, massive data is collected. So-called trackers collect and process this data. For e.g., our political view, our sexual preferences and our health status is stored. But also our financial status is extremely interesting for business, politics and intelligence services. Our recent survey about the use of data collectors (“trackers”) Read More

Trump relations in Germany?

| Farena | Dangers General

Block personality profiling by systematically analyzing online data with help of the eBlocker! The outcome of the forthcoming Bundestag election has not only been decided by posters, events and television debates. Those who want to score points among the voters must address them personally and offer solutions for individual problems. The US election has shown Read More

eBlocker banned in Russia and China

| Farena | Dangers General

The Russian government is trying to monitor the Internet more and wants to capture personality profiles of all users. In the north-west of China, every citizen needs to install a government monitoring app on their smartphone. Now all technologies for anonymous surfing in Russia and China were banned – unfortunately our eBlocker aswell. Of course Read More

G20 Summit right in front on our doorstep

| Farena | Dangers Events General

This year’s twelfth G20 summit takes place in Hamburg – right in front on our doorstep. The inner city of Hamburg, where our office is located also, looks like a fortress. Almost all stores and restaurants are closed. We as well are not in the office on Friday and work from home. Our accessibility is Read More

How our children are spied on

| Lauritz | Dangers

Harmless games, pedagogical valuable knowledge, funny cartoon films: Many Internet sites trap children with free offers. However, this has a purpose: Our children are to be spied on. Children and Internet? Most parents primarily think of dangers such as violence, bullying and pornography. Especially young target group oriented offers, such as the German children websites Read More

Dangers of user profiling

| Farena | Dangers

What happens while surfing the web? Do you know the dangers of user profiling? The eBlocker and the dangers of user profiling When you go online, you’re gathering a lot of information. However: you are also unknowingly disclosing lots of data. Internet corporations thus create a user profile of you – based on your exact Read More

eBlocker Labs: Smart TVs

| Farena | Dangers General

The Problem: Smart devices are trending and being consumed in almost every household. Why should you bother caring about your privacy while watching TV anyways? But not many people are aware of the fact that profile data’s are not only created through the internet, but through smart devices as well. That’s why we carried out Read More

Biggest tracker gets tracked itself…

| Farena | Dangers

Googles annual transparency report revealed that it received a secret subpoena from the FBI during the first half of 2015. What’s troubling is not the subpoena itself, but the fact that Google Is not allowed to reveal anything about what happened. The secret subpoena is a “national security letter” und therefore doesn’t need any court Read More

eBlocker Camera Sticker

| Lauritz | Dangers

Why does Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg put tape over his computer’s microphone and camera? To protect his privacy?! For sure, he is not the only one knowing that there is a thriving market for illicitly obtained stills and video. Even the FBI is covering their cameras. Mmh, ok, the eBlocker can not protect you from malicious Read More

No more Malvertising thanks to eBlocker

| Farena | Dangers

People have been complaining about annoying online advertising for a long time. They especially appear on Google and Facebook and leave us feeling observed. But as it seems, we need to avoid online advertising because of a more dangerous reason. Through so-called “Malvertising” computers are tried to be infected with malicious software. The software is Read More

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