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Special CHIP offer: test eBlocker four months free of charge

Technically experienced users can build their own eBlocker and test it for four months free of charge. Just download eBlockerOS for free and surf anonymously. All you need is a Raspberry Pi or a Banana Pi.

Do It Yourself – eBlocker OS for Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi

Build your own eBlocker now. Just download eBlockerOS for free today and instantly browse the web truly anonymously. You only require a Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi (see our list of supported hardware), as well as an 8Gb, class 10, SD-Card.

As a CHIP reader you get a four month eBlocker update license free of charge. Just enter your email address and we will send you your free license key.

Software Setup and Hardware Configuration Instructions

Step 1:
Free Software Download

Step 2: Request a free license key

We will provide you with a free download of the latest filter lists for ad tracking and ad blockers (valid for 30 days).

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Step 3: Copy eBlocker OS to your SD Card

The software images must be copied on a SD-card (min. 8GB, class 10 is recommended), with a form factor suitable for your device.

To install the software image to the SD-card, we recommend you use the easy to operate program Etcher:
Etcher is free to use and can be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Linux.

After your SD-card is ready, please insert it into your Raspberry or Banana Pi and follow the Hardware Configuration Step 4.

Only install eBlockerOS if you agree with our EULA.

Step 4: Configure hardware with your network

Connect the Ethernet port of your device to your Internet router or to a free Ethernet port of your switch.

Power up your device. Important: Make sure you are using a separate power supply with at least 10 Watts or 2A. Most standard USB outlets from computers or routers do not have enough power and can result in strange behavior or failure.

Wait 5 minutes until the unit has finished booting up and has configured itself.

Visit The eBlocker icon will be shown on the upper right corner of the screen. It shows that the eBlocker OS is active and that you are protected. With a click on the icon, the eBlockerOS Controlbar will open and allow further configuration.

Visit our FAQ for more information how to use the device.

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