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Why does Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg put tape over his computer’s microphone and camera? To protect his privacy?! For sure, he is not the only one knowing that there is a thriving market for illicitly obtained stills and video. Even the FBI is covering their cameras. Mmh, ok, the eBlocker can not protect you from malicious Apps activating your camera without indicating. But you will find our eBlocker Camera Sticker in every eBlocker shipment. So, to be sure, just put a little sticker on your devices prying eyes: 001-camsticker The application is self-explanatory. And the stickers are easily removable / etirĂ© sans reside / adhesive reposicionable /poco pesante separabile / wieder ablösbar. 002-camsticker-back Three different sizes to cover the different cameras that are surrounding you. Don’t let the Laptop watch you pick one’s nose: 006-macbook Don’t let your smartphone watch your daily activities: 003-iphone-5-front .. or see what’s on the other side! 004-iohone-5-back What happens in front of your Smart-TV is your business only! 009-sony-bravia Mmh, should I trust my old not-so-smart-phone? 007-nokia Rather not! 008-nokia-back