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NEW! eBlocker 2 Pro
Internet, as it should be.
anonymous & secure
  • Prevents online tracking
  • Blocks data collecting ads
  • Protects your privacy
  • Ensures anonymous – on the go
  • Protects all devices in only 5 minutes

The all-around solution for self-determined surfing.

Our surfing behavior and our increasingly intelligent networke devices leave data traces that are analyzed, merged and stored countless times a day. Despite new data protection laws, our privacy is continually violated.

We have developed the eBlocker Pro as a central solution for all devices for all those who want to have their own personal information, protect company secrets or have to protect themselves against reprisals and prosecution for professional reasons.

The eBlocker is connected directly to the router and serves as a gatekeeper to the Internet. Among other things, it offers the possibility of disguising the identity of all devices, preventing tracking and blocking dangers, e.g. by malware.

Christian Bennefeld and the whole eBlocker team wish you more freedom and self-determination!

How does the eBlocker 2 Pro protect me?


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What is the eBlocker?

The eBlocker is a small computer running our second generation eBlockerOS. The eBlocker is simply plugged into your router and then protects the communication of all devices in your network – no matter if website, app or built-in functions. No additional software needs to be installed on your other devices. With the help of our new mobile tunneling solution, even mobile devices are protected on the go.


Surf the net protected!

Buy eBlocker risk-free.
You can get the eBlocker in three software versions with a 30-day money-back guarantee in our online shop and in more and more other computer stores and online shops.

Simply connect.
The eBlocker is pre-installed, it can be easily connected directly to your router and immediately protects the communication of all devices in your network.

Surf protected – even on the go.
Your smartphone or tablet can also be connected to the Internet via eBlocker while you are mobile – you now have full protection “to go”.

Stationary or on the go:
Protect your data centrally on all devices.

eBlocker stops data collector.

Stop the merging, analysis and permanent storage and resale of data such as residence, hobbies, political orientation, state of health, sexual orientation, etc. Prevent deep insights into your privacy and intimacy that even your best friend doesn’t have.

Prevention of additional costs through scoring.

Online betting, disease research, high-risk sports or simple research on specific topics etc. can worsen your scoring. Without eBlocker, you may end up paying more than others.

Protection against dynamic price adjustment.

Many online shops use algorithms to adjust their prices to your customer profile in order to increase profits. This can make the flight more expensive if the hotel is already booked for the trip or if the shop is accessed via an expensive device.  The eBlocker can simulate devices and operating systems and disguise your previous booking and surfing behavior.

Blocking data-collection advertising.

Online providers track and analyze your online behavior in order to place targeted advertising. The eBlocker puts a stop to this and makes data-collecting advertising disappear – if you want it to.

Protection against malware and viruses.

Criminals often place ads infected with viruses and malware. This will lead you to malicious content, even if you only visit reputable websites. The eBlocker removes these ads and provides more security.

Avoidance of filter bubbles.

Avoid getting into a filter bubble: Relevance filtering” and micro-targeting are used to pre-filter and align contributions and information, e.g. in line with political orientation. The eBlocker offers reliable protection.

Also protected on the road.

Smartphones, tablets, etc. can be set to enjoy eBlocker protection on the go. Your mobile devices can then connect to the Internet via eBlocker while on the move – and you have full protection “to go”.

Overcome regional barriers.

eBlocker allows you to use VPN tunnels. This allows you to overcome regional barriers to access articles, films and media around the world, for example. Thanks to the eBlocker, you remain anonymous and can also conduct cross-border research without fear of reprisals.


It's that simple.

“Research without being spied on.”

“Protect now also “to go”.

“Finally, no more virus-contaminated ads.”

“The perfect solution for the technically untalented.”

“Watch unlimited series and movies wherever you go.”

“If you know my political opinion, my beliefs or my sexual preferences, it’s still up to me.”

“Surfing without being followed and manipulated by advertising.”

“Travel and shopping at the best prices.”

“Totally quiet, no fan noise. And so small it fits behind the sofa.”

“Protects me without restricting myself.”

“If you are looking for a good privacy and security accessory, the eBlocker Pro from eBlocker should be high on your list.”

iPhone Life

“The eBlocker device in the home can be personalized for each user on the network. If you want to maximize your privacy settings but your spouse is OK with the stalking ads, you can each tune eBlocker to your preferences.”

“It’s a piece of hardware that plugs into your router and that’s it, it’s installed! eBlocker then instantly blocks all takers, tracking add, anonymizes your IP. It can also be configured to allow specific sites to pass data through if you’d like.”



Browse the Internet safely!

This is what the Pro license offers:

Purchase the eBlocker Pro with a one-year or lifetime license. You will receive:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Daily blocker updates that update to the latest
    online threats

Technical data:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
  • Operating system: eBlockerOS 2
  • Usage: type. 2 Watt, max. 10 Watt
  • Ethernet ports: 1 x Ethernet RJ45, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Weight: 153 g (without accessories)
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Color: White

Scope of delivery:

  • eBlocker
  • Power supply incl. adapter for all countries (110-240 V)
  • License key
  • Network cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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