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Is there a detailed manual?

| Farena

Yes, we offer a comprehensive manual on our help page with technical support and tips for the eBlocker. We offer mail-support as well. Contact us via We will come back to you as soon as possible.

What is eBlocker?

| Farena

eBlocker is a smart device that anonymizes your online behavior. It blocks all ads, stops all trackers, hides your IP – and lets you surf truly anonymously – on ALL your devices. Best of all: eBlocker is plug & play and requires no software installation or configuration.

Is the eBlocker legal?

| Raphael Schulz

Yes. Everyone has the right to opt-out of user profile collection. In the United States “privacy” is defined as the “right to be left alone” which implies the right to opt-out. In Europe and Germany the privacy laws state the right to opt-out of any user profiling action. So it’s your right to automatically opt-out Read More

What is the difference between eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family?

| Tobias Genge

The eBlocker Pro includes all features for completely anonymous surfing and privacy protection. That includes tracker-blocking, ad-blocking, IP anonymization and plug and play support for all devices, browsers, and apps, as well as individual settings for each device. The eBlocker Family is, in addition, multi-user capable, enabling every member of a household to set their Read More

Can I have money-back if not satisfied?

| Farena

Yes, we offer your money-back for all devices bought in our shop. If you are not satisfied for any reason, return the device within 30 days at your expense and we refund the purchase amount immediately after the goods receipt. However, many starting problems can be easily resolved and we would appreciate if you would Read More

Why are there software updates and how do I get them?

| Raphael Schulz

We are constantly developing and improving the eBlocker software and have many ideas which will be implemented in the future. We’ll offer a paid update service so you can automatically take advantage of daily filter list updates, regular bugfixes and new feature releases at least every quarter. Der Update-Service beinhaltet tägliche Updates von Werbe- und Read More

What is the cost of the update service?

| Raphael Schulz

A free 12-month update service is included with every eBlocker Pro or eBlocker Family.eyond this period, the update service will be $59 for eBlocker Pro and $99 for eBlocker Family for a 12 months subscription.