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My eBlocker doesn’t work. What can I do?

| Heiko Schön

Please go to and check if the eBlocker icon appears at the top right of your browser. If it does, you can get to “settings” by clicking on the settings icon. If the eBlocker doesn’t appear, try to access settings, by reading this article. If your eBlocker doesn’t work, please contact us at Read More

How does the eBlocker offer more protection than other tools?

| Raphael Schulz

Traditional tools focus only on a small, specific area for individual devices. For example there are specific browser plugins for PCs that block trackers only, and others that just block online ads. Even with several browser plugins activated at once, it is very likely that the visited website will still track you by your IP-address. Read More

Does the eBlocker work with any Internet connection?

| Raphael Schulz

Yes. The eBlocker works regardless of your Internet provider (ISP) and with any Internet connection worldwide. We recommend a broadband connection with at least 1 Mbit, that is always connected to the Internet.

What Internet devices work with the eBlocker?

| Raphael Schulz

All Internet devices that are connected to your home network will benefit from the eBlocker. Whether you use a Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac, SmartTV or a game console to access the Internet, all devices are protected by eBlocker automatically.

What operating systems and browsers are supported?

| Raphael Schulz

The eBlocker operates independently of the operating system and browser, because no software needs to be installed. Therefore all operating systems and browers are supported.

Does “Zero Installation” work in any home network?

| Raphael Schulz

“Zero Installation” works easily on most home networks and for most Internet-enabled devices. Due to the variety of network devices we cannot guarantee compatibility with individual devices. In this case a manual, wizard-assisted configuration method can be used so that the eBlocker will work on any home network.

Does the eBlocker replace a firewall?

| Farena

The eBlocker protects your intimacy while browsing. It prevents third parties from collecting data about you without your consent. A firewall protects your home network from external access. The eBlocker also includes a firewall, but it only protects the eBlocker itself from attacks. To protect your home network, we recommend using your own firewall.

Why does the eBlocker also block online advertising?

| Raphael Schulz

Most online ads (banner, video, text etc.) are already tracking and profiling you just by loading the ad even if you don’t click on it. Therefore by default eBlocker blocks all online advertising. Of course, you have the ability to turn on the advertising for Web pages of your choice – but you will be Read More

How does the eBlocker block trackers from creating user profiles?

| Raphael Schulz

We are using community-maintained, open-source filter lists to determine whether an HTTP request is sent to a known tracking server. In this case eBlocker blocks the request and does not send any data to the tracker. In addition we have developed adaptive self-optimizing algorithms and are constantly maintaining custom filters to ensure maximum privacy protection Read More

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