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Does the eBlocker replace a virus scanner?

| Farena

No, the eBlocker does not replace a virus scanner. The eBlocker protects your devices from accessing browser-based malware, but can not scan your devices for viruses. To protect your devices, we recommend using your own virus scanner.

Why does the eBlocker also block online advertising?

| Raphael Schulz

Most online ads (banner, video, text etc.) are already tracking and profiling you just by loading the ad even if you don’t click on it. Therefore by default eBlocker blocks data collecting online advertising. Of course, you have the ability to turn on the advertising for Web pages of your choice – but you will Read More

How does the eBlocker block trackers from creating user profiles?

| Raphael Schulz

We are using community-maintained, open-source filter lists to determine whether an HTTP request is sent to a known tracking server. In this case eBlocker blocks the request and does not send any data to the tracker. In addition we have developed adaptive self-optimizing algorithms and are constantly maintaining custom filters to ensure maximum privacy protection Read More

What about the “Private browsing” mode of my browser?

| Raphael Schulz

The “private browsing” mode works well to eliminate the traces of your session on the local computer and in the browser, because all data that is stored during the session will be deleted at the end. Tere are two issues with “private browsing” however. First you always lose all settings, login functions or shopping carts Read More

Does the eBlocker support HTTPS (SSL) encrypted connections?

| Raphael Schulz

Yes, the eBlocker supports HTTPS (SSL) connections for web browsing if the user enables the HTTPS (SSL) feature. The eBlocker forms the end of the encrypted end-to-end connection with the server, analyzes the packets and encrypts them again when acessing the internet device. In order for this encryption to work, the so called root encryption Read More

Do all pages and apps work when HTTPS (SSL) is enabled?

| Farena

Usually the process works very well with common websites. There might only occur some connection problems when using certain apps that are connected directly to the server. Currently, we know about 112 apps that are already in an exception list and can be enabled easily so that the apps can function as usual. Technical savvy Read More

Why does eBlocker use the Tor network?

| Raphael Schulz

The Tor network is a volunteer-operated computer network which is not subject to any Governmental control. It offers users enhanced Internet anonymity by constantly changing the visible IP address. So user can not be identified by their original IP address. Unfortunately Tor does not block any trackers or ad-networks, thus personal user profiles are still Read More

Can the Raspberry Pi / Banana Pi be used for eBlocker?

| Raphael Schulz

Yes, you can use your Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi for running the eBlocker software. We recommend the Banana Pi for better data throughput and faster Internet connections. The eBlocker software will be available for download during the “Early Access”-phase. Access to the phase is available on Indiegogo starting at $10.This offer is valid until Read More

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