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How do I connect the eBlocker to my home network?

| Raphael Schulz

Using a standard Ethernet cable you can connect the eBlocker to any Ethernet port on your Internet router or switch. Power (5V) is supplied via a standard micro USB cable. The connection is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Insert the Ethernet cable, 2. Connect USB power supply, 3. The eBlocker configures itself and is automatically Read More

After connecting eBlocker can I still use the Internet normally?

| Raphael Schulz

Yes. The browsing experience should be unchanged on all websites, except that you won’t get any online advertisements. In the rare case of incompatibilities, you can disable the eBlocker for individual sites with just one click.

Are you controlling my eBlocker through a central server?

| Raphael Schulz

No. The eBlocker is a local, decentralized solution in your home network, over which you have complete control. If you are using our update service, the eBlocker checks our central update server at least once a day for software or filter lists updates and installs them automatically.

Can I change or extend the eBlocker’s filter lists?

| Raphael Schulz

You can create your own filter lists and blocking rules as well as define individual exemption rules for existing lists. So, you always have full control over all content in your home network.

Does eBlocker affect my browsing speed?

| Raphael Schulz

Typically, users with slower Internet connections will experience an accelerated browsing speed, since no ads are being downloaded to compete with available bandwidth while pages are loading. Browsing speed will not significantly change on very fast Internet connections. If you enable the Tor network to anonymize your IP-address, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted Read More

Does the eBlocker block cookies as well?

| Raphael Schulz

The eBlocker only blocks tracking cookies and other unwanted cookies that are used to collect user profiles. Desirable cookies that are used by first party sites to store the shopping cart of the last session for example are not blocked. This way we ensure that sites using cookies for convenience functions will fully work.

Why do I need different privacy preferences and how do I set them up?

| Raphael Schulz

If you live in a multi-person household, each household member can choose his personal privacy preferences. For example Alice would allow advertising on website A while her brother Tom does not want any ads. Alice and Tom are each logging into the eBlocker using their personal PIN. Now only Alice sees ads on website A Read More

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