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Typically, users with slower Internet connections will experience an accelerated browsing speed, since no ads are being downloaded to compete with available bandwidth while pages are loading. The eBlocker reaches a bandwidth of up to 100 MBit/s. With very fast Internet connections of for e.g., 200 to 500 MBit/s, the surfing speed will not change significantly. Only the Internet protocols HTTP and HTTPS are usually filtered by the eBlocker. Other Internet protocols, such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, or FTP, are forwarded by the eBlocker without decreasing the speed.

If you enable Tor to anonymize your IP-address, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted as it routes through Tor. The Tor Network is a non-commercial, global association of people who provide network infrastructure at no cost so that users can anonymize their IP address while surfing the Internet. However, the Tor network does not guarantee availability or minimum bandwidth. Unfortunately, this is beyond the control of eBlocker. We can only allow very easy access to Tor via the eBlocker. In fact, Tor’s data rate is often insufficient to stream HD audio or HD video quality.

Instead of Tor, you can also use any other VPN provider supporting the OpenVPN protocol and providing you the OpenVPN files (.ovpn). With the OpenVPN files of your VPN provider, you can easily set up the VPN server of your VPN provider in the eBlocker settings. Depending on the utilization and connection of the VPN server, the surf speed may vary. The surfing speed is often sufficient for streaming HD audio or HD video quality.