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Please go to and check if the eBlocker icon appears at the top right of your browser. If it does, you can get to “settings” by clicking on the settings icon. If the eBlocker doesn’t appear, try to access settings, by reading this article.
If your eBlocker doesn’t work, please contact us at Please name following information with your request:
  • What router are you using?
  • Are you using eBlocker with automatic setup or with manual configuration?
  • Are there any other network devices ( for example, switches ) between eBlocker and the terminals present?   
  • Are both network LEDs and red power LED lit up?
  • Does your router recognize eBlocker? ( There is a list of all connected devices displayed in your router normally. You can find items like DHCP in your menu, for example)
  • Does the orange eBlocke icon appear at the top right of your browser:    
  • Can you access eBlocker? We have different options that we explain here if you can’t access your device.