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NEW! eBlocker 2 Family
Safe surfing experience.
for young & old
  • Protects from tracking and following ads
  • Blocks harmful content to children
  • Allows individual surf time and duration
  • Provides individual user accounts
  • Ensures anonymous surfing – on the go
  • Protects all devices in only 5 minutes

The solution for anonymous Web surfing and parental control on all devices.

The access to the network is pervasive. Whether computers, Tablet, Smartphone or smart TV – it has never been more easy and comfortable to get access on various media before. But this also involves dangers, especially for children, who are often unguarded moving on the Internet.

As responsible parents, we do not prohibit our children and hope that our children will benefit from an informative and balanced Internet experience.

However, it is difficult sometimes to control the time and content limits manually across all devices in certain situations. That is why we have developed the eBlocker Family.

How does the eBlocker 2 Family protect me?

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What is the eBlocker?

The eBlocker is simply plugged into your router and then protects the communication of all devices in your network – no matter if website, app or built-in functions. No additional software needs to be installed on your other devices. With our new mobile tunneling solution, even mobile devices be protected on the road.


So easy, you and your children can surf protected in the Internet!

eBlocker family to buy risk-free.
The eBlocker 2 with the family license, you will receive 30-days money back right here with us, and more and more computer stores and online stores.

Simply connect.
The eBlocker is pre-installed, it can be easily connected directly to your router and protects every member of your family individually and your youngest from harmful content.

Surf protected – even on the go.

It protects your entire network. Tablets, SmartTVs and game consoles in particular benefit from this, for which there are currently hardly any privacy protection options.

At home or on the road:
Protect your family centrally on all devices.

Protection against harmful content.

The parental control feature allows you to block predefined categories such as violence, pornography, gambling and social media – individually for each user and each device. Use the certified, child-friendly website preselection of for 6-12 year-olds. Prevents excessive browsing and games.

Prevents excessive surfing and playing.

Children spend a lot of time online, often too many hours a day and sometimes in the middle of the night. Define surfing times and set time contingents – individually for each user, even across devices.

Protection outside the home.

The eBlocker connects your mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet and laptop to your home network. You only have to set up our mobile protection once to use it permanently. Thus, the defined time contingents and parental control filters also apply on the road.

Blocking of data collectors.

Children often move around the Internet without their knowledge and offer insights into privacy and intimacy. They are also particularly receptive to advertising. The eBlocker prevents tracking and targeted manipulative advertising.

Stops malware and viruses.

Criminals often place ads infected with viruses and malware.This will lead you to malicious content, even if you only visit reputable websites. The eBlocker removes these ads and provides more security.

Protection against warning fees.

Use eBlocker to block sites containing prohibited downloads from movies, games and other media. Thanks to anonymized IP addresses, tracking by warning lawyers is made more difficult in the event of inadvertent missteps by children.

Reveals price discrimination.

Many online shops automatically adjust their prices to customers’ purchasing power to maximize their own profits. You may pay more than your neighbor for the same product in the same online store just because you shop online with supposedly expensive Apple devices or live in a good neighborhood.

Protection against personal performance analysis.

Whether bed-wetter, poor readers or overweight: eBlocker prevents various web searches, shopping profiles and visits to learning portals, for example, from being combined into a comprehensive picture of family members. The eBlocker also protects against discrimination.

It's that simple.

“A solution for the whole family in just one unit.”

“fragFINN protection I don’t need to worry too much about my children, if I’m not there.”

“Connected with the home network by clicking on the cell phone.”

“Watch our favorite movies now also abroad.”

“Now may my daughter not simply surf to another device, if your surfing time has expired.”

“A good sense if children surf the Web alone.”

“Great, that can be individually adjusted to every device in the House.”

“Super economical – very little power consumption.”

“Travel and shopping for the best prices.”

“Now the children can be not advertising more easily manipulated.”

“If you are looking for a good privacy and security accessory, the eBlocker Pro from eBlocker should be high on your list.”

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“The eBlocker device in the home can be personalized for each user on the network. If you want to maximize your privacy settings but your spouse is OK with the stalking ads, you can each tune eBlocker to your preferences.”

“It’s a piece of hardware that plugs into your router and that’s it, it’s installed! eBlocker then instantly blocks all takers, tracking add, anonymizes your IP. It can also be configured to allow specific sites to pass data through if you’d like.”


Browse the Internet safely!

This is what the Family license offers:

Purchase the eBlocker Family with a one-year or lifetime license. You will receive:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Daily blocker updates that update to the latest online threats
  • Daily updated parental control filter

Technical data:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
  • Operating system: eBlockerOS 2
  • Usage: type 2 Watt, max. 10 Watt
  • Ethernet: 1 x Ethernet RJ45, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Weight: 153 g (without accessories)
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Color: White

Scope of delivery:

  • eBlocker
  • Power supply incl. adapter for all countries (110-240 V)
  • License key
  • Network cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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