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eBlocker protects you and your privacy.
Your privacy belongs to you, not the Internet.


What the Internet knows about you?

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For secure privacy

eBlocker prevents third parties from collecting data about you without your consent. So a user profile of you can no longer be created.

Surf without tracking ads

Online ads track you, even without clicking on them. eBlocker blocks all tracking ads and makes them disappear – if desired.

For truly private surfing

eBlocker optionally hides your IP-address – your fingerprint on the web – so you can remain anonymous on the web.

Do you feel followed by ads?
They are just the tip of an iceberg.

How eBlocker protects you.

Protection for the whole family

Reviews & Awards

Why we created eBlocker.

Christian Bennefeld

Co-Founder & CEO, eBlocker GmbH

“For over 15 years now, I’ve been dealing with user profiles and data protection and know the tricks of the tracking trade. That’s why the uncontrollable tapping into my privacy by internet giants is so frightening. I think it is now time to give back users the control over their privacy. This is why I founded eBlocker together with Reinhard and Boris.”

Dr. Reinhard Sell

Co-Founder & CTO, eBlocker GmbH

„As a scientist and head of development for IT security solutions I witnessed the evolution of the internet directly. First it was a playground for nerds, then the utopia emerged that the internet is free, non-commercial and democratic. Today, the internet is dominated by large enterprises. I want that internet users can freely decide, how much control others have about them. This is why I founded eBlocker together with Christian and Boris.”

Boris Prinz

Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect, eBlocker

„Today most internet users are not even aware that they are paying a very high price for the use of free services: They are paying by turning over a detailed view into their private sphere. To stop this unreasonable invasion of privacy, I founded eBlocker together with Christian and Reinhard.“

Our Team.

We are a dedicated start-up from Hamburg consisting of highly experienced developers, IT security professionals and eBusiness-managers. As longtime privacy advocates, we are committed to regaining the online privacy. That’s why we have researched and developed over three years for you.

Thanks to the great feedback from our early supporters, we were able to achieve more than 565.000 Euros in preorders, through crowdfunding in spring 2016. Since August 2016 we are manufacturing our eBlocker in series with our German manufacturing partners and have already sold more than 10,000 products. We have received many awards and won the 1st prize at the nationwide company competition KfW Award GründerChampions 2017 for.e.g. In addition, we are proud preview award winners and have won the 1st place at the DIGICON Innovation Award 2017.

We still have lots of ideas and are currently working under high pressure to develop lots of new features. In short intervals, we publish updates and regularly provide our customers with new features.

Become a part of our community. Together with your feedback, we will develop the best privacy solution on the planet.
We are thrilled to welcome you!