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You have connected the eBlocker for the first time and you are having issues with your network?
This might be due to an incompatibility of your router with the eBlocker’s plug & play.

However, eBlocker can be easily set up for your router so you can still protect your privacy. Just follow these four simple steps.

If you do not understand a term, you find explanations for all technical terms in the glossary of our user manual.

Step 1 – The preparation – Login to your router
Open a browser and login to your router. Please consult your routers user manual for instructions how to login to your router. The user manual can usually be found at your router’s manufacturer website.

e.g. FRITZ!Box: – all user manuals can be found here.
e.g. Speedport: http://speedport.ip or – a user manual can be found here (german only).
e.g. Technicolor TC7200: – all user manuals can be found here.

Go to your routers settings and open the list of all your connected devices (DHCP-Clients).

e.g. FRITZ!Box: „Home“ > „Home Network Overview“ > „All Devices“
e.g. Speedport: „Home“ > „Home Network (LAN)“ > „Overview of Connected Devices in Home Network“ > (MAC+IP) „Display“
e.g. Technicolor TC7200: „Basic“ > „DHCP Client Devices“

There you will find the Item called „eBlocker“. Enter your eBlocker’s IP-address in a new browser. Add a colon and the port “3000”, so the complete URL looks like this:

Step 2 – Configuring the eBlocker
In the eBlocker settings, navigate to the Network menu and start the Setup Wizard.

Please read the Network Setup Wizard tabs “Preparation” and “Process”. Print out the “Network Settings”, or write down the information.

Just confirm the three checkboxes in the last tab “Execute” and click the “Execute and Reboot” button.

The eBlocker configures itself and reboots. This may take up to ten minutes.

Step 3 – Disable the DHCP server on the router
Now go to the browser window with your router settings. Go to the “DHCP Server” settings of your router. Please consult your router’s user manual for help where to find the DHCP Server setting. AVM Fritzbox customers find detailed instructions here. Deactivate the DHCP server of your router. Save the settings. Your router maybe reboots.

Step 4 – Reboot all network devices
In order for all network devices to accept the new setting, they must be rebooted once. Please reboot all computers, tablets, and other devices in your home network. Alternatively, in many cases, disconnecting the device from the network is sufficient.

Note! If you want to undo this setting you have to activate the DHCP server in your router first. Deactivate the DHCP server of your eBlocker afterwards or set your eBlocker to “automatic” in the network settings.