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Protect Your Children While Online

The eBlocker Family protects against Excessive Surfing and Inappropriate Content. Blacklist individual pages or the entire network and whitelist the pages of your choice.

Prevent your kids from being targeted by advertisers, viewing the wrong content and spending too much time online.

With Internet Parental Control you can block predefined categories such as violence, pornography, gambling and social media. Setup individually for each user and device in your home network. Enable cross-device internet time allowances.

eBlocker Family Features

Product Reviews

“If you are looking for a good privacy and security accessory, the eBlocker should be high on your list.”

iPhone life

„It’s a piece of hardware that plugs into your router and that’s it, it’s installed! eBlocker then instantly blocks all takers, tracking add, anonymizes your IP. It can also be configured to allow specific sites to pass data through if you’d like.”


„When I clicked on it, a menu showed up, giving me the ability to anonymize my connection through Tor, cloak my device’s real identity (meaning I could make myself look like a Windows PC even though I was surfing the net with an iPhone) and whitelist the websites where I don’t mind seeing ads.”


Product Features

So Simple and Secure

The eBlocker Family is the complete plug and play solution for privacy savvy family. Just connect it and instantly enjoy anonymous, ad-free web browsing on all your devices.

  • Prevents access to harmful content for children
  • Cross device internet time allowance
  • Mobile Protection
  • Device Cloaking
  • Browser Protection Malware & Phishing
  • Blocks all trackers and tracking ads
  • Settings individually per User
  • Multi-User Support
  • VPN & Tor for every Device
  • IP-Anonymization
  • No software installation
  • Protects all OS platforms, devices & browsers