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Apps for improved SSL compatibility

Apps for improved SSL compatibility
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When activating eBlocker’s SSL/HTTPS-support most websites work just fine when accessed by a regular browser. Unfortunately a few popular apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are not compatible with eBlocker’s SSL-support. To support those apps they can be activated for SSL-exemption (whitelisting) under Settings>Apps.

And that’s how it’s simply done:

Step 1: Go to the controlbar and click on „Settings“.

Step 2: You see a list on the left side. Now please choose „Apps“.

Step 3: Now you have the opportunity to activate the app of your choice with a simple click on the button that you see on right side.
Be aware when activating an app in the Apps menu that you are not protected by your eBlocker on the corresponding websites either. We do not recommend the usage of apps as they can put your privacy at risk.

Why you should avoid apps will be explained to you in the following:

Attack on your privacy
Apps such as Facebook , Whatsapp or Twitter have the greatest opportunity to attack your system, because of the variety of data they demand from you ( name , birthday , location , etc. )The risk that you will be tracked , is therefore unlikely high.

Transmission of malicious software
Even the transfer of malicious software is a great danger. App stores not only provide safe programs, but also apps that are infected with malware. These infected programs can transmit mobile data (e.g. contact details) unnoticed and without authorization or send paid SMS to service numbers.

Hidden rip-off
Many free apps are financed by advertising, through you can order or you will be redirected to offers on the Internet. In addition to the broad mass of reputable promotional offers, there are also cases in which hidden orders or subscription contracts are concluded. The users are not sufficiently informed about the contract conditions and prices. This is often noticed only afterwards, as some of these dubious offers are billed via their mobile phone bill.

In some apps (for example, games), it is possible to buy a credit in the application itself (so-called ” in-app ” -Purchases), without the classic ordering process . Thus there is a danger of unconsciously spending money. Also children take often orders unconsciously when they play with their smartphones.

Therefore we suggest not to use apps but rather access the corresponding websites by a regular browser which is protected by your eBlocker.

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