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Biggest tracker gets tracked itself…

Biggest tracker gets tracked itself…
| Farena

Googles annual transparency report revealed that it received a secret subpoena from the FBI during the first half of 2015. What’s troubling is not the subpoena itself, but the fact that Google Is not allowed to reveal anything about what happened.

The secret subpoena is a “national security letter” und therefore doesn’t need any court approval.
Instead, investigators only needed to prove that the information they’re trying to get out of Google was “relevant to an authorized investigation to protect against international terrorism or secret intelligence activities.” Google itself hasn’t read the content of the letter yet, which might mean that the gag may still be partially in place or Google may be challenging it in a closed court.

At the beginning of this month, the companies ACLU and Open Whisper Systems, establisher of the communication-app “Signal” revealed that they had also received a national security letter, in which information about two Signal users was requested. Unlike Google, ACLU and OWS managed to overstep the justice Department with their broad gag order and thus were allowed to go public with their story.

It’s very troublesome to think that the biggest tracker of the world gets tracked itself. What exactly
happens to our profile data after being transferred to third, fourth or even fifth parties, the tracker doesn’t even know himself, as it seems.

Wouldn’t it be best to simply “eBlock” your profile data so it won’t get saved from any webpage at all?
Besides the IP-anonymization of our eBlocker, you also have the opportunity to cloak your device and thus optimize your anonymity.

Protect your privacy with our eBlocker and stop tracker from interfering into your privacy.

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