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Dangers of user profiling

Dangers of user profiling
| Farena

What happens while surfing the web? Do you know the dangers of user profiling?

The eBlocker and the dangers of user profiling

When you go online, you’re gathering a lot of information. However: you are also unknowingly disclosing lots of data. Internet corporations thus create a user profile of you – based on your exact surfing habits.

The problem is:
your profile is for sale. Anyone who wants to obtain information about you can get it.

The result?

  • Shops adjust prices based on your estimated purchasing power.
  • Credit institutions estimate your credit rating based on your surfing behavior.
  • Health insurance companies draw conclusions about your health based on your online behavior.
  • If you don’t want this, there are two possibilities. Either stop going online or start using eBlocker.

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