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Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day 2018

Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day 2018
| Editorial Staff

Your personal data can be used in a mixture of ways – sometimes in ways you wouldn’t expect or even approve. At eBlocker, it’s our goal to help you protect your personal private information. That’s why it’s important to understand its value and ways you can manage it, whenever possible.

January. 28th marks Data Privacy Day – an international effort to inspire dialogue and empower everyone to take action to protect better and manage individuals privacy while also encouraging business to respect privacy and safeguard customer data. On February 6th Safer Internet Day is celebrated throughout the world as a day to raise awareness of emerging online issues such as cyberbullying, privacy invasion and the other new challenges brought upon by social networking.

To observe these unique events and help drive awareness to these challenging issues eBlocker would like to share some resources on how you can learn and participate in these critical international campaigns.

Safer Internet Day (SID)– Tuesday, Feb 6th

The 2018 theme, “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you” is a call to action for every stakeholder to play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, in particular, the youngest users out there. More than that, it is an invitation for everyone to join in and engage with others in a respectful way in order to ensure a better digital experience.

You can keep updated on the latest SID campaign news through the Safer Internet website, and visit the SID Facebook and Twitter profiles and follow the #SID2018 and #SaferInternetDay hashtags to find out more.

Countless local special events, as well as online activities, are occurring throughout the world on this date, and you can find what’s going on in a city near you by visiting here.
(This is specific to Germany ONLY) For activities occurring specifically in Germany, please visit this page for a map of a location near you.

eBlocker is also hosting a special SID workshop in our hometown of Hamburg Germany on Feb 6th exclusively for journalists. Our workshop will teach them how to communicate confidentially with informants in the digital world and how to move around online researching safely and anonymously. For more information, please visit our registration page.

Data Privacy Day (DPD) – Sunday, Jan 28th

You can join the movement for data privacy by signing up to be a “Data Privacy Champion.” it’s easy to sign up and requires no financial investment, just your support. As a Champion, you will receive privacy and online safety updates, information about upcoming events and a privacy awareness toolkit to help you spread the word.

DPD has number international events running throughout the next month where you can join the conversation in person or online. You can find a list of these events here. On Thursday, Jan. 25th, the National Cyber Security Alliance will mark Data Privacy Day 2018 with an exciting agenda at LinkedIn in San Francisco showcasing leading privacy experts from industry, academia, government and the non-profit sector. The event will feature engaging panels, TED-style talks, and interviews focusing on the latest privacy issues you should know about.

Agenda Highlights

  • Looking Into a Crystal Ball: What Your Data Says About You
  • Five Things You Can Do to Manage Your Privacy Now
  • Staying Competitive – Why Privacy is Good for Your Business

It’s probably too late to fly out to San Francisco for the in-person event but it doesn’t mean you can’t attend, this event will also be streaming directly on Just visit the site on Jan 25 and watch the presentations streamed live. Keep in mind this will be running at Pacific Standard time starting at 10:30am.

eBlocker Ongoing Privacy Support

Do you trust the sites you visit on the Internet? Do you sometimes feel like they are spying on you and capturing information that you are not aware of? Are you concerned what is happening with all the personal data you release while entering forms, completing applications, voting on surveys and liking posts on social media sites? Well, you should be, hundreds if not thousands of companies are collecting your data and creating Personality profiles.

We have recorded and published an online video to help you protect your privacy while surfing online.

During this presentation, we’ll talk about the Dangers of Personality Profiles, how data collectors are using your personal, intimate information, and what you can do to help prevent it. You can watch the presentation at any time, we highly recommend you view it sooner than later so you can start protecting your privacy today.

We look forward to serving you and to facilitate a more #PrivacyAware culture while helping you “Switch on Privacy.”

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