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eBlocker Camera Sticker

eBlocker Camera Sticker
| Lauritz

Why does Mark Zuckerberg hide his notebook’s webcam? Why is James Comedy, director of the FBI hiding his webcam? To protect their own privacy!

Mark Zuckerberg and James Comedy are not the only ones who know that Trojan horse access to integrated webcams is possible. A survey conducted by the IT association Bitkom has shown that one in four participants now mask their webcam or front camera. Surprisingly, it’s mainly the younger people – usually on Snapchat or Instagram – who don’t want to be undesirable recordings. Not such a silly thought when you consider that the data ends up at the spy’s without a pilot light illuminating or even a program having to be started. What we find is with increased age, the less often a camera is covered. Everyone should be aware that camera espionage can be automated without you being a personally selected victim, the bad guys look for any hackable camera!

If you don’t believe it’s easy to do, just search the Internet for the term „Spy Apps“ and you find dozens off apps and instructions how to spy on people through their camera. Try or „Camera Malware“ and you can read the horror stories of cameras being hacked and used to spy on the owners. It’s really very disturbing.

Our eBlocker itself is not designed to prevent malicious apps from grabbing your webcam’s image. In order to protect you we enclose our “eBlocker Camera Sticker” with every eBlocker delivery. To be on the safe side, hind the curious eyes of your devices with our eBlocker camera sticker:

And don’t worry, the stickers can be easily detached and re-applied with none damaging adhesive.

The stickers are punched out in three different sizes to add on the many different cameras in your environment.

Do not get photographed while daydreaming in front of your laptop.

Don’t let your smartphone camera spy on you.

… no matter whether front or back!

What happens in front of your smart TV shouldn’t concern anyone.

Mm, and what about older cell phones with cameras, no problem?

If you have installed surveillance cameras for your own security, we recommend that you at least change the default passwords and allow access via the Internet only via your own VPN. Practically our eBlocker offers besides Tor also VPN for anonymizing your IP address. With our VPN partner Perfect Privacy you can also use 3 months of VPN for free!

Please take our recommendation to heart. Cover that camera, you don’t know who’s on the other end!

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