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eBlocker: protects all your devices

eBlocker: protects all your devices
| Farena

What sets the eBlocker apart from other privacy protection solutions?
In short, the eBlocker automatically protects all operating systems, devices and browsers in your home network!

No matter whether if it’s a SmartTV or a refrigerator: no device can be accessed without internet connection these days and that makes data collection possible. Big Data and Sensors collect a huge number of data and store it in a cloud.

Not only can the eBlocker protect popular devices like SmartTVs, tablets or PCs from data collectors but also protect your refrigerator. How? – you might well ask. Very simple: refrigerators with internet access are recognized by the eBlocker and the filtering function blocks data collection. In addition, you can redirect the refrigerator to a VPN connection using the “Devices” function in the eBlocker settings.

Simply follow these instructions:

After one click on the eBlocker icon, the control bar opens. Click on “Settings”.

After accessing the settings, click on “Devices”. Search for the device you want to redirect to VPN and select the refrigerator. Go to “Anonymization” and enable your IP anonymization. Change to your VPN provider. For example, we selected our VPN partner Perfect Privacy. For more information on our VPN partners with special conditions, click here.

Easily protected with the eBlocker

Briefly speaking, even devices that you do not suspect, can collect personal data. The refrigerator as an example is certainly only the beginning of data collection in household appliances with internet access. What’s next? We do not know yet, but we should act now and insist on our right to privacy in our own four walls. And with your eBlocker is it easy to do.

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