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eBlocker on the road part 1: IFA & startupnight ´17

eBlocker on the road part 1: IFA & startupnight ´17
| Farena

This September was all about being on the road and presenting our eBlocker!

As a start-up, participating in trade shows and events is a great opportunity for us to present our eBlocker to the public in order to meet potential partners and to get feedback. At the beginning of September, we exhibited at the IFA and also participated in the startupnight – practically both taking place in Berlin.

IFA 2017

IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. At this tradeshow we had a 25sm booth, which was completely dipped in orange.

We had a lot of work to do throughout the week. We talked to prospective customers, partners and the press and introduced our eBlocker to each and every one who stopped by at our booth. We were particularly pleased about the interest of the international media: from a radio interview at the American radio station HelloTomorrow over to a TV interview of the Russian television to the UK specialist magazine PC Mag. We were very much frequented by the media.

At this year’s IFA we also debuted our eBlocker Family with comprehensive Parental Control features. In addition to all eBlocker Pro features, this device also offers the possibility to adjust individual settings for each family member and to adjust time contingents to help restricting excessive internet consumption. Another highlight was the exclusive preview of our eBlocker Base. The eBlocker Base is the cost effective version to anonymize the IP-address and to prevent data collectors from collecting the data. It also protects you from internet providers spying and helps circumventing censorship. The eBlocker Base is available right before Christmas.

All in all, the show was a great success and we are very pleased with the many national and international contacts we made and with whom we are adapting the eBlocker into other channels and markets.

Here are a few impressions of the exhibition:

The beginning of the exhibition.

The look of our showcase at this year’s IFA: plenty of information and the presentation of our eBlocker on a “silver platter”.

Even before the official start of the IFA at 10 o’clock the media took a proactive interest in our product line.

All eBlocker team members know the eBlocker right down to the last detail. From the first hour onwards, our team eagerly provided information on every eBlocker.

The various features ot the eBlockerwere widely demonstrated to the trade visitors.

We were excited about the numerous visits of television in particular, here from Russian television.

The team of Startup TV at our booth.

We took plenty of time to inform the junior customers about our eBlocker as well.

In the IFA NEXT innovation hall, Christian talked about the dangers of online profiles and excited the listeners.

Our completely exhausted team, after a successful trade show day.

startupnight 2017

Directly two days after the IFA we were back on the road again. On September the 8th, the startupnight took place in Berlin.
After a short-term stay in Hamburg, we went to the event on Friday, which is exclusively organized for selected start-ups by Telekom, Microsoft and other branch representatives. At the startupnight, young companies have the opportunity to present their innovations till late in the night and exchange ideas. Within this event, we presented our eBlocker and demonstrated the multifaceted features of our 3 different models to interested parties at our booth. We received a lot of positive feedback!

Here are a few impressions of the startupnight:

The quiet before the storm.

We were very pleased about the number of interested students at our booth and demonstrated how easy our eBlocker can be plugged in.

In conclusion we look back on two very successful events in Berlin. The time has been exhausting, but also lots of fun. We sincerely thank every single visitor and look forward to the upcoming events!

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