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eBlocker on Swiss television

eBlocker on Swiss television
| Farena

„Kassensturz“ at eBlocker

We are riding the international airwaves again – this time on Swiss TV!

To find out more about the business of data collecting, the Swiss TV consumer magazine “Kassensturz” interviewed our CEO and data expert Christian Bennefeld.

Data security and privacy are big topics in Switzerland. Trackers are registering which websites users are visiting and which products they are interested in. “Things are the way they are because we are being watched permanently on websites”, says Reto Widmer, digital editor for Swiss TV channel SRF. In a four-hour shoot we examined the topics data collection, online personality profiling and dynamic pricing.

SRF1 broadcast the feature on November 21st. In case you missed it – not a problem, you can watch it here (Swiss German):

Today far more than half of internet advertising is personalised. We explain how the tracking system works.

We demonstrate how to easily defend yourself against constant surveillance. Our eBlocker nor only blocks data tracking and dubious advertising but also disguises the device used for surfing, thus preventing dynamic pricing.

To uncover the truth about dynamic pricing we disguise our internet device as a desktop computer in one instance and as a tablet in the next. The result: Prices for the PC user are significantly higher – for the same room in the same hotel on the same date.

You can avoid all this and much more with our eBlocker. Simply hook it up, the Plug & Play mode takes care of the rest – no software installation necessary. Connect the eBlocker to your router at home and surf the web completely anonymous and fully protected!

You can watch the entire segment in our media library.

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