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eBlocker production

eBlocker production
| Lauritz

The eBlocker production is underway. Robots and humans are giving their best :-)
Our eBlocker case is produced through a plastic injection moulding process. The machines are set up and the processes programmed.
Let’s take a tour…

The injection moulding machine is pumping the hot plastic resin inside the tool.

Our mould consists of two primary components, the injection mould and the ejector mould. Together, they define the shape of the eBlocker case.

After quickly cooling off, a robotic system is removing the eBlocker case from the machine.


In the next step, the eBlocker logo is applied via pad printing. This is the pad:

After the ink is applied, the robotic arm removes the case with his pneumatic suction cups and positions them on a…

…belt conveyor

Just checking…

Gathered up in boxes. Next step: assembly.

The Mainboard is installed in the lower shell. Rubber feet are fixed at the bottom.
09 assembly

…eBlockers waiting for their final function test.

After passing our quality assurance, they are passed on to packaging and dispatch.

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