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eBlogger – Online Guide to Your Protection on the Internet

eBlogger – Online Guide to Your Protection on the Internet
| Farena

New year, new look, new content: our eBlocker blog is now called eBlogger – The guide to your protection on the Internet!

A fresh look, clear layout – the eBlogger welcomes you with a new structure: quickly and easily find the articles and posts that interest you. Within the topics privacy protection, child protection and news you will find everything you need to know to protect you and your family from data collectors and personality profilers.

  • Privacy protection: What do online store operators know about me? How are personality profiles created? Why should I disguise my IP address on the Internet, even if I have nothing to hide?


  • Child protection: To what extent are children being spied on? What can I do against it? How do I even lead the little ones to the Internet?


  • News: What is dynamic pricing and how does it affect how much I pay on the internet? How do I turn off annoying ads that haunt me across many websites? How do parties try to influence my political views through profiling?

The eBlogger – More content, more insight, more informative.

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