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How eBlocker works

How eBlocker works
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Thousands of businesses are using online-tracking, usage analysis and advertising across devices, apps and websites. These third party service providers consolidate each piece of data into individual user profiles. Today’s online shops can then identify visitors with higher purchasing power and offer them their products at a much higher price. The same goes, for example, for personal loans: through tracking companies, creditors have access to applicant’s most private data, influencing the approval and conditions of a loan. Not to speak of negative implications on health insurance conditions that result from secretly gathered profile data related to health information.

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The Solution: Blocking and anonymizing
Some personal information leaks into the web, that´s just the way it is. However, there are two trusted methods of protection: blocking and anonymization. Other than most solutions, the eBlocker does both. But how does it work exactly?

Blocking third-party data collecting
Clever algorithms make the eBlocker an intermediary between router and connected devices, both wired and wireless. eBlocker compares all traffic to locally stored filter lists, which are updated on a daily basis. This prevents professional tracking services and data brokers, as well as online ad-networks from tracking you. The filter lists consist of community-maintained open source lists as well as lists maintained by eBlocker. By checking URLs against these lists, the eBlocker detects whether there is a tracking service behind a web request. All tracking services are blocked and no data is disclosed to third parties. In addition, the filter lists are dynamically expanded by adaptive algorithms and therefore always up to date. Users can add individual filter exceptions to allow certain websites to track data or to display ads (whitelisting).

IP anonymization via Tor
Even though blocking prevents third party websites from collecting private data, first party websites can still trace the user’s IP address in order to collect behavioral data. The reason: a user’s IP address often remains unchanged for months, so that a continuous browsing history can be reconstructed very accurately. To avoid this, the eBlocker offers one-click Tor activation, enabling users to anonymize their IP address completely. Online privacy is fully protected only through the special combination of blocking and IP anonymization.

eBlocker´s USPs
With the eBlocker there now is a solution that combines all necessary functionalities for privacy protection with high consumer convenience. The eBlocker’s plug-and-play principle enables users to easily operate the device without any configuration or software installation once it is physically connected to the home network. In addition to automatic configuration, the system is compatible with all network devices, works with every Internet provider, and supports all operating systems, apps, and browsers. Another plus: the eBlocker is multi user capable, enabling every family or household member to preset personal preferences, add individual exceptions and actively allow certain websites to track or to display ads.

The most important advantages of the eBlocker
• Combines blocking of profile-building with (optional) anonymization
• Privacy protection across all devices, operating systems, apps, and browsers
• Plug-and-play usage: no installation, ready within seconds
• Multi user capable

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