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New Release: eBlockerOS 1.3

New Release: eBlockerOS 1.3
| Farena

The eBlockerOS 1.3 includes several highlights. We have implemented all eBlocker Family features, optimized the VPN setup, improved the handling of blocking lists and eliminated further bugs:

eBlocker Family – Time and Site Blocker

The functionality of the family version is now complete. Users can now restrict the Internet usage and block unappropriated websites not only device-based but also user-based. Thus now you can create an individual user account for each family member and assign the corresponding devices and protection profiles. In addition, users can now optionally log in with a PIN if a device is used by another family member using a different protection profile. Furthermore, individual whitelists and blacklists can be created and exceptions from predefined blacklists can be defined as well.

All eBlocker Family customers have received their eBlocker with special discounts since not all functions had been implemented at the time of purchase. With the completion of all Family features discounts will no longer be granted. Hurry up to get an eBlocker Family at the discount price: Until May 2nd, 2017 we are giving the discounts still. Get your eBlocker Family here.

Cross upgrades for existing eBlocker Pro users to upgrade to eBlocker Family will be available shortly. We’ll keep you posted when they are available in our shop.

Optimizations for VPN setup

The ability to set up a VPN for the eBlocker and have access to it from any device, is an essential feature for many of our customers. To further simplify the VPN setup, we have improved the VPN setup wizard even further.

The VPN setup wizard allows you to upload additional files for e.g., certificates and license keys to provide a smooth and easy installation with an improved feedback during the VPN setup.

Improved whitelisting

Encouraged by customer feedback, we have now developed separate whitelists for the tracker blocker and ad blocker modules. Thanks to the separate whitelists, you now have the option to disable ad blocking or tracker blocking for specific pages separately and permanently. This allows you to access content on pages with ad blocker detection if you add the respective website to the ad blocker whitelist. The adverts will then of course not be blocked – but the trackers that are not related to advertising, will still be blocked.

Further bug fixes and performance improvements

The release includes a variety of bugfixes to increase the performance and stability. The eBlocker now displays a system message if the network connection or power supply has been interrupted. This is useful when parental control functions are activated and the eBlocker has been disconnected from the network “randomly” in the absence of the parents.

We have summarized all new features in the release notes. The new eBlockerOS version is automatically distributed to all eBlockers with a valid update license.

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