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No Malvertising thanks to eBlocker

No Malvertising thanks to eBlocker
| Farena

People have been complaining about annoying online advertising for a long time.
They especially appear on Google and Facebook and leave us feeling observed. But as it seems, we need to avoid online advertising because of a more dangerous reason. Through so-called “Malvertising” computers are tried to be infected with malicious software. The software is sent embedded in online advertising and allows to blackmail the user. Criminals try to obtain sensitive information such as bank details or passwords or gain control over one or more computers. In worst cases, users pay their ransom money by credit card and their own accounts are being robbed using this information.

But this can be put to an end, because not only privacy is protected, but also “Malvertising” is prevented by eBlocker. The ad-blocker blocks any ads, so you are protected within seconds of any advertising which i.a. might be infected harmfully. The only thing you have to do is to connect the eBlocker via supplied Ethernet cable to an available network port on the router. After a few minutes, you can have access to the control bar of eBlocker from any browser through the home network. You can carry out further settings and also see how many ads have been blocked on the function „Ads” that you see on the control bar.

Get the eBlocker and take care of your safety now.

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