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Nominated in several competitions

Nominated in several competitions
| Farena

For a young start-up like us, participating in competitions is a great way to face the market, make contacts and get feedback. We apply regularly and have already been nominated for two finals in the past two weeks: nextMedia.Hamburg and #enterdiefregatte in Kiel.


We have made it into the top 10 in the start-up founders competition nextMedia.Hamburg Elevator. On June 14th, during the so-called “Business Idea Speed Dating” we finalists presented our innovations to the jury members in each 5 minutes. Our eBlocker has received many positive feedbacks and made curious for more. 3 start-ups were awarded that are still in their early stages – from the jurors perspective, we were clearly too far developed. We congratulate the winners and wish them every success. We are very pleased to have participated in the nextMedia Elevator. Thank you very much for the invitation and the nice evening!


The second competition, where the eBlocker has been among the finalists, is unusually entitled “Enter die Fregatte”. Does your elevator pitch also fit into a helicopter hangar? The Cyber Innovation Hub of the Bundeswehr is specifically looking for digital innovations“.

On June 20th, the second day of the Kiel Week, we presented together with 19 further Start Ups on the frigate Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In the helicopter hangar of the flagship of Kiel Week, we presented our eBlocker and explained why it is also important for the troop to not leave any marks while surfing on the internet. Traces that can be traced back to the personnel composition, the strength of the troops, health problems, financial worries, and the mental state offer large potential targets that can be prevented with the eBlocker.

Unfortunately, there was no award ceremony at this event, but we have seen a lot of exciting presentations and could win lots of prospects for our eBlocker. As a parting gift we got a basecap in “frigate” style. Thanks a lot for this! We had a lot of fun and are already looking forward to some results from our conversations. A big thank you to the Bundeswehr for the invitation and the nice afternoon!

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