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Stowaways in Websites: Malvertising – When Malware is Lurking in Advertising

Stowaways in Websites: Malvertising – When Malware is Lurking in Advertising
| Editorial Staff

People have been complaining about annoying online advertising for a long time. Especially it appears on Google and Facebook and leaves many of us feeling uneasy about being watched. But there is still a much more dangerous reason to steer clear of online advertising by so-called Malvertising criminals. Through so-called “Malvertising” malicious software tries to infect our computers. The term is composed of the words “Malware” (English for “Malicious program”) and “Advertising” together.

Malware Disguised in Display Ads

Cybercriminals cleverly embed the malvertisement software in online advertising, infecting users’ computers.  In the worst case, the user is compromised and blackmailed with found data.  Cybercriminals try to get sensitive information, such as bank details or passwords or even worse gain control over one or more computers.  It can get really nasty when victims that are gullible enough to pay the ransom with the credit card then the cybercriminals take this data and also clear out their credit accounts.

Google Tracking

Anti-malware Feature on eBlocker

But that’s over now, because the eBlocker Pro not only protects privacy but also prevents malvertising.  The integrated adblocker blocks any tracking advertising – thanks to the anti-malware feature, within seconds you are protected from any ad that could be maliciously infected.

For this, the eBlocker only needs to be connected to a free network connection on the router via the supplied network cable.  After a few minutes, the user can then access via the browser of his choice on the control bar of eBlockers and configure other settings.  You can also see how many ads have been blocked on the current page by using the advertising feature in the controlbar.

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