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Child Protection

Technology affects the everyday lives of children and teenagers, maybe even more than adults. In the face of the omnipresence of smartphones and the Internet, parents inevitably face the question of how to responsibly provide child protection to digital media and the Internet. We will address some of the most important Internet for children questions in this eBlogger category, how parents can protect their children online.

We’ll offer articles on alarming issues of data protection and online tracking, even on what you think are child-friendly websites. There are some stories on tips for better browsing habits, how kids of different should be allowed online, for how long, and how you can manage and protect which sites they visit.

Child protection online is probably one of the most important things a parent can do in the technology age. We realize it’s not easy and we’re here to help. What your children do on the Internet is your business, and we’re here to help you protect their privacy and the many threating things they can be exposed to.
eBlocker protects you, your family and your privacy and as our motto goes – “Your privacy belongs to you, not the internet.”

eBlocker features coming soon

eBlocker features coming soon

01. Apr 2019 / Farena
eBlocker Family The Parental Control features of the eBlocker have been improved and extended last year. The only thing that was missing was the user friendly overview and simple operation for the individual settings. Read More
Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day 2018

Data Privacy Day and Safer Internet Day 2018

23. Jan 2018 / Editorial Staff
Your personal data can be used in a mixture of ways – sometimes in ways you wouldn't expect or even approve. At eBlocker, it’s our goal to help you protect your personal private information. Read More
Spyware Warning: Web Trackers Are Spying on our Children on the Internet

Spyware Warning: Web Trackers Are Spying on our Children on the Internet

22. Jan 2018 / Editorial Staff
Children and Internet?  Almost all parents are concerned about the dangers such as violence, bullying, and pornography on the web.  Safe alternatives suggest offers explicitly aimed at the young target audience, such as child-friendly sites for entertainment and educational sites.  Nobody expects Read More