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Product Review Highlights

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News

At eBlocker we are always excited to read a new product review about our solution. There dozens of places on the web where you can scan all the specs and read about every feature of our solution, but it’s more helpful when you can read an in-depth product review. These reviews explain what our solution Read More

10 Steps to Protecting Your Online Privacy

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News Privacy Protection

Restore your online privacy with these 10 steps! Unlike other media, such as radio, TV or print, on the Internet you are constantly leaving traces. Online trackers and advertising networks track your surfing behavior with pinpoint accuracy, on all the websites and devices you use. This data is used to create very private and even Read More

5 most frequently asked questions about eBlocker

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News

Our FAQ section is designed to help you find answers to your questions. We add regularly and are looking forward to your suggestions. Whether you want to inform yourself about the technology of the eBlocker before you buy, whether you are looking for support after the purchase or if you want to become an eBlocker Read More

What does the Internet know about me?

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Word has spread: Surfing the Internet leaves traces. How many clues are there, how expressive they are and how deep they penetrate our privacy – is surprising and rather disturbing. This article explains what you disclose during an everyday trip into the data network. What does the Internet know about me? What happens when I Read More

Setup a VPN: How it works

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

To set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you must first create a user account with a commercial VPN provider and specify how you want to pay the VPN access fees. In addition to the usual payment methods such as credit card, direct debit or bank transfer, many providers offer anonymous payment methods such as Read More

VPN: Surfing with a Private Network

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Anyone surfing the Internet is never unobserved. The data you exchange online with others is always visible to third parties. In theory, every e-mail can be read at every node on the Internet that lies between you and the recipient. In order to prevent such snooping, there are various encryption and anonymization procedures. One of Read More

Why should I hide my IP address?

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

For unique identification, a device requires an address within a data network – be it in the home LAN or on the Internet. This is the only way to ensure that data packets reach the right recipient. This is done via the so-called IP address. But this also allows us to draw meaningful and unwanted Read More

eBlocker on the Net Law. S 2018

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger News

Do you know how website tracking works and why it is so often traced? What do website operators have to consider and what role does the new ePrivacy Regulation play? Christian Bennefeld, CEO of eBlocker, presented in his lecture “To track or not to track – legal use of website tracking”, all these topics in Read More

Big Trouble in Little Data

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

‘Big data.’ ‘Metadata.’ ‘Raw data.’ B.J. Mendelson has a passion for privacy, so he created a book “Privacy” from his collection of essays on privacy protection.  This is an excerpt from the chapter entitled “Big Trouble in Little Data.”  We felt it was worth sharing. (@bjmendelson) Data processed by autonomous machines employing ‘machine learning.’ By Read More

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