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“Dr. Google” Knows All Your Woes: No Privacy Of Patient Data On The Internet

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

The cliché of seniors disliking the internet is outdated.  According to a study by the German digital association Bitkom, 40 percent of all people over the age of 65 actively use the Internet.  When surfing the Internet, news, e-mail and online shopping among the older users is particularly popular.  There is little consideration among seniors Read More

Stowaways in Websites: Malvertising – When Malware is Lurking in Advertising

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

People have been complaining about annoying online advertising for a long time. Especially it appears on Google and Facebook and leaves many of us feeling uneasy about being watched. But there is still a much more dangerous reason to steer clear of online advertising by so-called Malvertising criminals. Through so-called “Malvertising” malicious software tries to Read More

Manipulation Of Elections: How Personality Profiles Helped Donald Trump Into The White House

| Editorial Staff | eBlogger Privacy Protection

Today not only posters, events and television debates decide the outcome of elections. Those who want to win the votes of the citizens must personally address them offering solutions for their individual problems. This applies particularly to swing voters and voters who are still undecided. In 2016, the US election showed that a personality profile Read More

Home Alone on the Net?  Internet for Children – In the Beginning Never Without Parental Supervision

| Editorial Staff | Child Protection eBlogger

Digitization even affects the everyday lives of small children. In the face of the omnipresence of smartphones and the Internet, parents inevitably face the question of how to responsibly introduce their children to digital media. We will address some of the most important Internet for children questions in this post: How parents protect their very young Read More

Child Protection on the Internet: How Parents Can Protect Their Children From the Dark Side of the Force

| Editorial Staff | Child Protection eBlogger

Children and adolescents are particularly at risk on the Internet because it is difficult to control what content they retrieve there. Although there are child protection rules in the US like COPPA – but those really wants to protect his children safely must act beyond government regulation. What options we have as parents to enable Read More

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