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NEW! eBlocker 2
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  • One device. Three software versions
  • Protects all devices in only 5 minutes
  • No software installation

One device – Three software versions.

The eBlocker is a small computer, running our special eBlockerOS in the second generation of the software. The eBlocker is only connected to your router and protects all devices in your network. You need to install any software. With our new mobile tunneling solution, even your mobile devices are comprehensively protected.

The new eBlocker 2 is available in three different software versions. Simply choose the version that suits you best. And because life is full of changes, you can change your software product easily and without downtime.

eBlocker 2 Base

For privacy beginners.
Surf anonymously, protect from providers spying on you, international media access – even on the go.

from $


IP anonymization

VPN & Tor for all devices

Multi-user compatible

Surf mobile protected

3 months free VPN

All prices incl. VAT.

eBlocker 2 Pro

For demanding surfer.
Privacy protection, block data collectors, avoid price discrimination – at home and on the road.

from $


eBlocker 2 Base Features

Prevents online tracking

Blocks data collecting ads

Filters harmful content

Device cloaking

All prices incl. VAT.

eBlocker 2 Family

For Families & smaller teams.
Individual settings per user conduct, set parental controls, protect from excessive surfing.

from $


eBlocker 2 Base Features

eBlocker 2 Pro Features

Parental control

Individual surf times / duration

Individual user accounts

All prices incl. VAT.

The eBlocker in comparison.

To block advertising, you can load a browser plug-in, implement IP anonymization through a local proxy and use a Tor browser to prevent provider spying. Install all these components on any Internet-enabled device that you own.

Or get the eBlocker. Unpack, connect, ready. In just 5 minutes, all devices on your network are protected. All you have to do is decide whether Base, Pro or Family should move in with you.

Protects all devices, operating systems, browsers and apps

IP anonymization via VPN or Tor network

Stops data spying by provider

Incl. eBlocker mobile – with access to home network

No software installation

Daily updates


Blocked data collector & Tracker

Stops data collecting ads – even in apps

Device cloaking

Smart-Home- & IoT-Protection

Stops Malware & Phishing

Parental control

Individuell settings

per device

per device

per user

Surfing speed

Individually adjustable.

Depending on the eBlocker version, you can make various settings, such as creating different parental control profiles, enabling Tor or VPN per device, and using advanced privacy settings.

How the eBlocker works.

Immediately after connecting the eBlocker, all devices in your home network send their search queries via eBlocker instead of sending it via router. And all this without any software installation.

The eBlocker checks all requests and recognizes data collectors based on patterns. These unwanted connections are blocked.

Now safely through the net!

flexible terms:

Purchase eBlocker Base, eBlocker Pro or eBlocker Family one year- or with lifetime license. You will receive:

  • Automatic software updates
  • Daily blocker updates that respond to the latest tricks of the online threaters (eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family)
  • Daily updated Parental control filter (eBlocker Family)

Technical data:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
  • Operating system: eBlockerOS 2
  • Usage: type 2 Watt, max. 10 Watt
  • Ethernet: 1 x Ethernet
    RJ45, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Weight: 153 g (without accessories)
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Color: White



  • eBlocker
  • ower supply incl. adapter for all countries (110-240 V)
  • License key
  • Network cable
  • Quick Start Guide