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Reward Program

We would like to reward you and your friends.

Just recommend us and take part in our Reward Program which means:
10% discount for your friends and 10% credit for you.

This is how you participate

  • Please log into your eBlocker-account at
  • Here we have displayed your personal discount-coupon.
  • Forward your personal discount-coupon to friends and relatives.
  • Your friends will get 10% discount on products they buy in our online shop
  • If your friends use the coupon, you will get 10% credit of your friends (net) shopping cart value into your eBlocker-account.
  • Log into your eBlocker-account. You will find your credits clearly and comprehensibly listed under the tab „Store Credit“.
  • Use your available store credit with your next purchase in our online shop. Just log into your eBlocker-account, choose your preferred product and pay directly with your available store credit.

Conditions of participation:


  • You are an eBlocker-customer already, you have an eBlocker-account and want to recommend your friends and relatives to buy our eBlocker.
  • You are buying as a privat person – not for commercial purposes.

The discount-coupon

  • Your discount-coupon is reusable that means you can forward your coupon to several friends.
  • The discount-coupon cannot be used for purchasing already discounted products.
  • The discount-coupon cannot be used in combination with other discounts, coupons or credits.
  • It’s not allowed to publish the discount-coupon to mass media or any coupon-portals.
  • The payment of a coupon-equivalent is excluded.
  • The validity and value of the discount-coupon can be changed and ended by us at any time.
  • We reserve the right to exclude customers and/or users of the discount-coupon from the “Reward Program” as well as block discount-coupons immediately, in case of misuse.

Your store credit

  • If your transferred discount-coupon has been used and a purchase has been made, you will get 10% credit of your friends (net) shopping cart value into your eBlocker-account.
  • The credit amount appears on the first working day of the month, after a period of four weeks from the date of purchasing.
  • If a purchase is cancelled or not paid, you will not receive 10% credit to your account.
  • You can use your available credit with your next purchase in our online shop at any time at

Explanation of terms
Please open and login to the side “My Account” Click on the tab “Store Credit” to find an overview of sales interfered by you. The following terms refer to the credit status of a purchase interfered by you:

  • “Pending”: The arranged purchase is not valid, that means your friend can still cancel or withdraw the purchase or still hasn’t paid the purchase price. The displayed credit is not available for you yet.
  • “Credited”: The arranged purchase is valid (usually after four weeks from the date of purchase) and the store credit is available for your own purchases.
  • “Rejected”: The arranged purchase is cancelled by your friend, withdrawn or not paid, you will not receive any store credit.