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eBlocker DIY and Trial
upgrade licenses

  • Adds eBlocker Base, Pro or Family features to a do-it-yourself device
  • For initial installation on development boards
  • Requires compatible Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi

Important Note: Before you buy please check the tab „Requirements“ to verify whether your network is compatible with eBlocker.
Individual setup with AVM Fritzbox 3272/3490/7360/7490 necessary, the rest of the Fritzbox routers are Plug & Play compatible.

Supported Hardware

eBlocker OS runs on the following boards:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Banana Pi M2
  • Banana Pi M2+

Please note: Banana Pi M3 is not yet supported.

eBlocker Base Features

  • Protects all OS platforms, devices and browsers
  • No software installation
  • IP-Anonymization
  • VPN & Tor for every device
  • Multi-User Support
  • Settings individually per Device

eBlocker Pro Features

  • eBlocker Base feature set
  • Blocks all trackers and tracking ads
  • Browser Protection Malware & Phishing
  • Device Cloaking
  • Mobile Protection

eBlocker Family Features

  • eBlocker Base feature set
  • eBlocker Pro feature set
  • Parental Controls
  • Cross device internet time allowance
  • Prevents access to harmful content for children


The following requirements must be fulfilled, so that the eBlocker can function perfectly in your home network:

  • DHCP-network (usually DHCP is already activated on your router)
  • IPv4-network (IPv6-network is not supported at the moment)
  • Free LAN-connection to router or switch with 1Gb data rate

List of compatible routers and network devices
List of compatible operation systems and internet browsers