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The individual setup of eBlocker

| Farena | Features Tutorials

Some routers maybe won’t work correctly with the eBlockers automatic network mode. In this case it’s a good idea to individually setup the eBlocker and let the eBlocker take over the DHCP Server. Setting up the eBlocker individually will need only a few clicks and less than 4 minutes. All you need is the routers Read More

How to insert the eBlocker certificate?

| Farena | Features Tutorials

We recommend our customers to insert the eBlocker certificate into their operation system first. Most of the browsers and programs need to use the eBlocker certificate to have access to HTTPS sites. Watch our video turtorial to see how fast you can insert the eBlocker certificate for macOS: and for Windows:

Apps for improved SSL compatibility

| Farena | Features General Tutorials

When activating eBlocker’s SSL/HTTPS-support most websites work just fine when accessed by a regular browser. Unfortunately a few popular apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are not compatible with eBlocker’s SSL-support. To support those apps they can be activated for SSL-exemption (whitelisting) under Settings>Apps. And that’s how it’s simply done: Step 1: Go to the controlbar Read More

Dynamic Pricing

| Lauritz | Features Tutorials

You may already have come across “dynamic pricing” while shopping on the Web. The prices you see aren’t always the same as the deals displayed to your co-workers or friends, sometimes they even differ from device to device. The device cloaking feature of the eBlocker is one way to find different prices for the same Read More

Select the country you surf from

| Lauritz | Features Tutorials

eBlocker OS release 0.8.9-2 is out! All current eBlocker users with a valid update license have automatically received this update already, if the automatic update option is activated. Highlight of this version is the ability to choose the country of the anonymization IP address (Tor exit node selection). This is useful to access content that Read More

The Navigation Bar

| Mark | Features Tutorials

The nifty navigation bar is part of each eBlocker and shows up in the top right corner of your browser, after you connect eBlocker to your network. Click on it to reveal the tab, click on it again and the tab disappears. This way you are always in control of your privacy. • Whitelist Simply Read More